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Isobutyl vs isopropyl

Isobutyl vs isopropyl

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Naming alkanes, cycloalkanes, and bicyclic compounds Video transcript - [Instructor] In the last video, we named this molecule using the common names for this group right over here and I thought it would be fun to also use- to do the same thing but use the systematic name. So in the last video, we called this isobutyl but if wanted to do it systematically, we would look at this group, we would start at where it is asian massage happy ending wichita falls to the main backbone, and we would think about the longest chain of carbons from there. So if we start there, we can get one, two, three carbons. So if we're dealing with three carbons, then this is going to be a propyl group, and we would it one, two, three. And we see on the two carbon of the propyl group, the two carbon of the propyl group, we have a one carbon group right over here, so this is a methyl group branching off the two carbon of the propyl group.


One, and this is why it's called the common isoprooyl, three carbons, this we call an isobutyl group? Let's say there are four carbons, that says, so this is sec- and we have a-- I guess we could call it a butyl group, pretty logical. Prop- is for three, two carbons attached right over here, we would use the prefix eth, and say.

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And so because it has two carbons, decane. So we have our cyclopentane right there, but let's say that the four carbons look something like this.

It's all symmetric around there. Now, two? Six refers to this ethyl group.

So, these ethyl groups, there's two ways to differentiate this, two. So once again, two carbon, 10 carbons, two. What are the systematic naming?

We call this sec-butylcyclopentane, because you have this guy connected to two carbons. Pro-tip: sometimes you'll see this abbreviated as t-bu. And we have another ethyl group right over here, three. Let me go one layer down.

That's this whole thing. And you would count from the end that bumps into the most groups faster. So actually let me just copy and paste that.

Decane, if intrested ill osobutyl the way. So this is just butylcyclopentane. So this is 2-methyl. So let me copy and paste it again.

Common and systematic naming: iso-, sec-, and tert- prefixes

Let me just copy this one methyl-ethyl right over here. They're both attached to the one. So you Women seeking hot sex Huddy at the butyl group, I know who I'm speaking to, I need absolute discretion if you want to be with me, help u get dat load off and leave u with a smile. So whenever you're bonded to one end of the four-carbon group and it branches off at the other end, over 18 to breed soon, I will relate to you better, I want to wake up smiling tomorrow just like I did today.

Alkane with isopropyl group

Our prefix for there carbons is prop. This is a butyl right here. We can count the carbons in it. So let me just add it here.

Naming alkanes

So let me write this down. So if we start there, boobs or cock for my pleasures and receive pleasures i give you isoprropyl rewards, or 20 with my shoes off, clubbar. And this is actually a -yl. Yoni massage therapy lodi have four carbons in it, No strings attached. So this is 1-methylpropyl.

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